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Internships (Art 3191)

About the Required Internship:

The Department of Art Internship course provides students with a supervised, practical learning experience in a creative, art-related professional work environment relevant to their professional interests or program of study. With their Internship Supervisor, students will develop and prepare a framework for responsibilities, to be approved by the Internship Coordinator. All Art majors (BA and BFA) must complete a minimum 1 credit hour Art 3191 internship before graduation. Students may repeat Art 3191 up to three times. This is a graded course. 

Students are responsible for securing their internships and will work with their Internship Supervisor to arrange and record a planned schedule according to the following credit requirements:

1 credit = 40 hours over 15 weeks
2 credits = 80 hours over 15 weeks
3 credits = 120 hours over 15 weeks


The internship can also be completed during a first—or second-module course. The credit hour structure would remain the same. 


1 credit = 40 hours over 7 weeks
2 credits = 80 hours over 7 weeks
3 credits = 120 hours over 7 weeks



 10 Reasons Why An Internship is Important to All Students

First Steps: 

So you're ready to begin your internship search but don't know where to start.

Searching for an internship is a process, so start early. It requires persistence, much like a studio practice.  

 As a first step, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Where do I want to do an internship? 

    • My hometown?
    •  Out of state?
    • Out of the country?
    • Remote?
  2. When do I want to do an internship?

  3. What type of work would I like to do? 

    Some options could be: 

    • Gallery Administration
    • Studio Assistant
    • Studio Technician
    • Illustration or multimedia work
    • Photography assistant
    • Archivist
  4. What type of organization would I like to work for?

    • A large corporation?
    • A non-profit agency? 
    • Government?
    • An individual?
    • A small business?
  5. What specific skills or experiences do I want to acquire?


For more help, contact Jenifer Owens-Morrison, Internship Coordinator.  Use this bookings link to schedule an appointment either in person or virtually. 

Helpful Resources: 


Internship Search Resources:


Handshake:  Current opportunities pertinent to Art students 

LinkedIn Job Search: Searchable by experience, location, and type


Some other options to explore when searching for internships:

  • Utilize personal networks
    • Family, friends, faculty and staff
    • Check with your Art Department Mentor 
  • Meet with a staff member in a college career services office 
  • Find on-campus career and internship fair events on Handshake
  • Selectively use job search engines like indeed.

Internship Enrollment and Course Overview: 

  • The student conducts an internship search and finds an internship.      
  • Student completes the internship enrollment request form (see below) with their internship supervisor and submits it to the Internship Coordinator by the first Friday of the semester in which the internship is being completed.  
  •  The Department of Art Internship Coordinator will approve the student's internship and enrollment in Carmen Course Art 3191. 
  • Through the Art 3191 Carmen Course, students can access the course syllabus, resources module, and assigned evaluation forms. 
  •  The student completes a midterm internship progress evaluation reflection based on their self-evaluation and the feedback conversation that happens with their internship supervisor. The student also completes a final internship self-evaluation at the end of the term.  
  •  Internship supervisors submit a midterm survey and conduct a feedback conversation with the students based on their survey and evaluation of the student's goals and performance. The Internship supervisors complete a final evaluation survey of the student's performance. 

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Employers and Alumni, are you interested in providing Internship opportunities to our students?  

Connect with Internship Coordinator Jenifer Owens-Morrison with this booking link for more information and opportunities.

Check out resources on best internship practices.