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The Department of Art operates one of the most comprehensive studio glass facilities in the United States and offers a broad art training, coupled with a focus in glass practice, integrated within a science and humanities curriculum that is designed to prepare students for varied roles as practitioners, innovators, and leaders in the field.

Students who choose the emphasis area of Glass are encouraged to meet the challenges of visual problem solving and artistic striving by using glass as a material focus. The undergraduate glass student receives practical instruction in a full range of glass working processes and becomes familiar with the use of glass-forming equipment, leading to independent creative work and research. Students experience maintenance, repair, construction, and design of glass studio equipment through work assignments. They work collectively to accomplish goals and develop leadership qualities. Each student develops a portfolio of work and explores presentation methods. Students may establish working relationships with faculty, alumni, fellow students, artists in residence, and visiting artists in an apprenticeship-like situation.

Undergraduate Courses in Glass

  • Introduction to Glass Art
  • Intermediate Glass Topics
  • Advanced Glass Studio Practice
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