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Printmaking Facilities

The printmaking studio is located on the second floor of Hopkins Hall. The lab supports the production of relief, intaglio, lithography, silk-screen, and digital prints. The well-ventilated studio has an open and flexible workspace and an enormous wall of north facing windows. Beyond providing an excellent environment for developing images on plates, blocks, screens and stones, this is a space for the collegial exchange of ideas fostering a strong sense of community.

The facilities are well equipped with three Brand etching presses, two Brand lithography presses, a Griffin lithography press, a Cincinnati screen printing table, and other table top screen printing stations. The studio houses a separate acid room with a dedicated ventilation system, a spray booth and aquatint box. There is an isolated screen washing room with power washers and dedicated screen coating and exposure facilities with a 30in x 40in, flip-top, pulsed xenon plate maker and a 36in x 60in screen exposure unit.

The studio also shares an alternative photography lab where non-silver processes are supported. Computing stations and large format digital printing, including the production of transparencies, are widely available to students in the various departmental digital labs.