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Ceramics Facilities

Students who do coursework in the Ceramics area have access to a wide variety of equipment and kilns managed by a staff technician.

Electric Kilns:
(2) 21 cubic-foot front loader
(1) 12 cuft front loader
(2) 7 cuft top loader
(1) 10 cuft top loader
(1) 4.7 cuft cone 12 top loader
(1) 33 cuft top loader
(1) small test kiln
(1) 16 cuft top loader

Gas Kilns:
(1) 73 cuft car kiln
(1) 40 cuft kiln
(2) 38 cuft
(1) 15 cuft test kiln
(1) 25 cuft soda kiln

Other equipment: Soldner clay mixers (2); dough mixer; paddle mixer; blunger (2); 30-gallon slip mixer (2); 30-gallon slip pump; ram press; ball mill; pug mill (3); hot box; extruder (2); spray boot; electric wheels (20); ADA wheel; slab roller; wet sander; 20-in brick saw

Tech Shop: oxy/acetylene welder; arc elder; metal band saw; wood band saw; drill press; MIG welder (2); TIG welder; plasma cutter; assorted small hand and power tools

Print Room: Thermofax; color decal printer; laser printer; light table; 4-color silkscreen table; vinyl cutter