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Painting and Drawing Resources

On Campus

  • Special Projects Space: A Room for Art-based Experimentation & Exploration
    Hopkins Hall 469
    To reserve space contact Dani Leventhal
  • Undergraduate Student Painting and Drawing Club
    The purpose of the Undergraduate Drawing and Painting club is to provide the undergraduate community of the Ohio State University with information about opportunities for experiencing the arts, experiment with artistic processes and to provide a forum for discussion about our mutual interests specifically within the fine arts and with a focus on painting and drawing. Our objectives are to gather diverse artistic methodologies through artist visits, workshops, and group dialogue. Membership contact: Alexandra D'Astolfo
  • Graduate Student Painting Club
    The Graduate Student Painting Club is a social and professional forum for sharing painting practices and methods through studio visits, critiques, and critical dialogues. One main goal is to organize graduate students to vote and invite visiting artists, specifically painters, to give public lectures, conduct studio visits, and share their processes. We encourage intellectual and interpersonal growth through social events, field trips, dinners, showing films, and organizing critiques. Membership contact: Michael McDevitt