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The Printmaking emphasis area operates as an integrated community, engaging all students in a critical environment of demonstrations, workshop, collaborations and dialogue. The graduate and undergraduate programs stimulate and complement the development of ideas within this community of artists dedicated to the practice and critique of the contemporary print.  Everyone is challenged; everyone benefits. Professional development, technical proficiency and collaborative skills are promoted in the courses, and enhanced through with a dynamic visiting artist program that emphasizes the production of new works in print.  

An open, communal, engaged printmaking studio environment defines our focus on the development of comprehensive, conceptual, creative, and aesthetic directions without limitations. Students in Printmaking are doers and thinkers, able to operate from diverse voices, through comprehensive resources with independence assured. Open availability of classes, facilities, and faculty expertise is a critical component of this design and its delivered promise.

Undergraduate Courses in Printmaking

  • Introduction to Relief and Intaglio 
  • Introduction to Lithography and Silkscreen
  • Upper level Printmaking: Intaglio and Relief
  • Upper level Printmaking: Lithography and Silkscreen
  • Alternative Printmaking
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