Graduate Studies

MFA in Studio Art

The Ohio State University Department of Art offers the MFA in Visual Arts with an emphasis in our seven studio areas: 

Art and TechnologyCeramicsGlass, Painting and DrawingPhotographyPrintmaking, and Sculpture

U.S. News and World Report ranks our MFA program #33 among all schools. The ceramics program is ranked #4.

The regular graduate faculty is augmented each year by Visiting Artists, Critics and Curators who engage in critical discourse and discussion with graduate students. We strive to provide a nurturing and mentoring environment for graduate students, and we expect much from them as producing studio artists, effective teachers, and colleagues. Our students are professionally engaged and often exhibit their work and attend professional conferences and symposia in their disciplines.

The MFA program is requires full-time enrollment by students during the three-year program. The department provides competitive financial support and encouragement to expand this activity. Most students accepted into the MFA Program are funded with a Graduate Associate appointment which requires working 20 hours work a week in exchange for a fee authorization (payment of tuition) and a stipend. These appointments may include teaching introductory courses, assisting in department labs and working for The Arts Initiative. 

Our graduates go on to distinguish themselves as independent artists, arts administrators, and faculty. The accomplishments of our graduates reflect the professional reputation of our faculty, the success of our alumni, and the trust our colleagues at these peer instructions have developed in our graduate program.