Mission Statement

Department of Art Mission

The mission of the Department of Art is to champion the value of the visual arts in the cultural and intellectual life of the university and contemporary society. By training the eye, hand, and mind in traditional forms and new media, we nurture creative expression and instill appreciation of the central importance of the arts to dynamic, innovative lives.

We teach undergraduate and graduate students to develop as autonomous artists through seven emphasis areas: Art and TechnologyCeramicsGlass, Film and VideoPainting and DrawingPhotographyPrintmaking, and Sculpture. In addition to training our undergraduate majors and graduate students, we offer genuine studio experiences for students throughout The Ohio State University. We have a strong commitment to continuing education and equal access.

Artistic expression has traditionally held a place in the vanguard of human innovation. We believe that we have a strong responsibility to see that art at The Ohio State University advances the examination and development of humanizing concepts and to inspire and enable people to lead creative and intellectually flexible lives. Established on a foundation of comprehensive artistic visualization, the department strives to be at the forefront of developments in contemporary aesthetic, thought, and practice.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission

We are committed to meeting the following mission set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Creating a welcoming college climate that fosters inclusivity for all faculty, staff and students through our interactions, scholarship and learning
  • Growing the diversity of our undergraduate and graduate student populations through recruitment and retention
  • Increasing the diversity of our faculty and staff through recruitment and retention
  • Incorporating diversity and inclusion into all organizational aspects of the college