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Painting and Drawing

The Painting and Drawing emphasis area in the Department of Art supports the investigation of many approaches, histories, and forms of painting and drawing. A diverse faculty brings a broad array of voices to individual study. Painting and drawing are viewed as independent but overlapping disciplines, and the area provides a wide range of courses designed for students of all levels, backgrounds, and interests. The area has a sustained history and continuing priority of integrating visiting artists, critics, and curators, as well as scholars, into the very core of its instruction.

The Painting and Drawing emphasis area welcomes the expertise of others and challenges students to craft a practice that will sustain them across multiple and various contexts.

Undergraduate Courses in Painting and Drawing

  • Visual Studies: Beginning Drawing and Color
  • Painting I and Painting II
  • Expanded Drawing
  • Advanced Painting and Drawing
  • Drawing Now
  • Painting Now
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