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Undergraduate Studies

Degree Programs and Majors

The Department of Art offers two bachelor's degree programs available to undergraduate students. These are our Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Studio Art and our Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) in Studio Art:

Bachelor of Art in Studio Art

The BA in Art is a liberal arts degree program that serves as a general introduction to the experiences of the artist. This program of study includes a range of studio practices in all areas of the department and in art history and theory. The curriculum develops creative problem solving skills that can be applied to a variety of careers.

Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art

The BFA in Art is the professional degree program that prepares students for diverse careers through specialized studio training. The prospective student must complete a sequence of core courses during the first and second years of study. During the second year of the program, students prepare their portfolios for review and acceptance by a specific area of emphasis in the BFA degree program.

The seven emphasis areas of study are: Art and TechnologyCeramicsGlassPainting and DrawingPhotographyPrintmaking, and Sculpture. A strong program in all of these disciplines offers state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, and provides a major opportunity for personal and artistic growth. For a detailed program plan for each area, please click the above links.


The Department of Art offers two minors that give Ohio State students an opportunity to explore Art without committing to a full degree program:

Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor provides students the opportunity to integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic or research pursuits. Students pursuing the Minor in Studio Art are not necessarily seeking careers as practicing professional artists, but rather unique careers where the visual arts and creativity may be desirable skills. Recent research has identified these creative problem-solving skills and diverse sets of knowledge as being sought in a wide range of disciplines, industries, and professions. The Minor in Studio Art contributes to the university's goal of graduating competitive and versatile students.

The curriculum of the studio art minor guides students toward a range of class work that the Art faculty consider essential to understanding art making in a material and conceptual sense. The Minor in Art affords the Department of Art a structured and more comprehensive means to make significant contributions to the overall educational and cultural experiences on campus and to extend the core of our mission to a wider range of students at The Ohio State University. 

Art: Engineering Structure Minor

The Art: Engineering Structure minor in Art provides students with the opportunity to integrate creative and artistic studio practice with other academic or research pursuits. The coursework revolves around a choice of basic material making with clay, wood, metal, and glass prominently featured. This minor in Art is designed to provide students with an interest in material exploration and making a way to frame and extend their interests.  ART 2400 Three Dimensional Art is the required course and its structure gives students the opportunity to develop process-based skills that will add breadth to their particular curricular studies.

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