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Photography Facilities

A technical assistant supervises the Photography facilities located in Hopkins Hall and includes: 

  • Black & White Labs equipped for mural size printing and enlargers up to 8" x 10"
  • Wet Color Lab
  • Alternative Processes Lab
  • Continuous and Non-continuous Lighting Studios
  • Digital Mac Lab
    • Epson Flat Bed Scanners up to 8" x 10" film
    • Flextight X-1 Imacon Film Scanner
    • Epson Professional Digital Printers including 9900, 9880, 7900, and 4880 
    • GTI Vertical Wall Viewing System with three temperature controls
In addition, photography students have access to courses in holography, video editing, and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, known internationally as one of the top centers in animation, 3D modeling, and interactive computing.