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Call for Illustrators!

March 12, 2024

Call for Illustrators!

Call for Illustrators!

Call for Illustrators

OSU Print Shop is seeking students to collaborate with AY23-24 Chafetz Visiting Artist CM Campbell on his original zine "This is Columbus...".

During Spring 2024 semester, visit the OSU Print Shop on Fridays from 12:00 - 5:00pm in 266 Hopkins Hall to meet with CM Campbell and discuss your ideas for this project. 

Project Description: This is Columbus... is a zine by CM Campbell that collects stories reflecting on and celebrating the organize identity of Columbus, Ohio.  This project seeks to acknowledge what Columbus is and has always been, rather than perpetually asking what it could be.  The zine will be printed on the risograph in OSU Print Shop and will be featured in an exhibition during Cartoons Crossroads Columbus 2024.

Call for Participation: Campbell is seeking students who are interested in creating original illustrations that respond to the theme of this zine.  Students will work alongside Campbell in the OSU Print Shop to discuss and develop their ideas from sketches to risographic prints that will be incorporated into the final publication. 

Participate: If you are interested in contribution illustrations to the project or have questions please email Printmaking Area Coordinator, Jessie Horning. (Horning.61@osu.edu).

This event is open to the public and made possible by generous funding from Sidney and Adrienne Chavetz Endowment Fund.