AU21 Hopkins Hall Info:

Undergraduate access: 

Monday – Thursday: 7:00am – 10:00pm

Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11:00 – 5:00pm (with undergrad swipe access available 11– 4:00pm)

Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff continue to have access to Hopkins Hall and Sherman 24/7.

Please sign up in advance for facilities use through the links in red. Faculty and grads should still also sign into the buildings and make lab reservations:


Building access for undergraduate students: Mon-Fri 7am-8pm

SP21 Return:

Building access for undergraduates begins January 25th 

Please note: “All students are requested to self-sequester for 10 days before they return to their on-campus residence and/or to in-person engagements on campus.”

Beginning Jan. 25, undergraduates will have access to Hopkins Hall:

               Mon.-Thurs. from 7am – 10pm

                Fri. 7am – 6pm

Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff continue to have access to Hopkins Hall and Sherman 24/7.

Please sign up in advance for facilities use through the links in red. Faculty and grads should still also sign into the buildings and make lab reservations:

Nov. 23, 2020 Update:

Our buildings will be open until the end of the semester and during break for faculty, staff and graduate students. However, please note the added testing requirements in effect from Nov. 30-Jan. 24th per the Office of Research:

  • faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to take a COVID test and receive a negative test before returning to the building
  • graduate students are required to take a COVID test and receive a negative test before returning to the building

Please remind yourselves of the safety measures that are currently in place: 

  • Daily sign in required for general studio/office use; reduced lab/business hours (sign up for each individual lab)

          Hopkins Hall (Studios, Room Specific Reservations, SADR, etc.)

         Sherman Studio Art Center 

         Specialized Sherman Facilities

Please continue to follow all precautions listed in the guidelines below from Aug. 25, 2020. 

Aug. 25, 2020

The Department of Art has adapted the safety guidelines of the Safe Campus and Scientific Advisory Committee to accommodate its specialized spaces, teaching and learning environments to the greatest extent feasible.  This plan also extends from our own “Research Recovery Safety Plan” for opening and managing our buildings, specialized labs, graduate and faculty studios for summer research.

Safety planning for administrative, common and classroom spaces is the focus of this “Return to Classroom” plan. We have implemented a combination of key factors across the department to maximize safety for our students, staff and instructors. In addition to safety, principles of sharing the burden of risk, as well as dynamically and creatively delivering on our course and program learning goals guided our planning.

Building Access:

Undergraduates will have access to Hopkins Hall:

Mon.-Thurs. from 7am – 10pm

Fri. 7am – 6pm

Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff will have access to Hopkins Hall 24/7.

To use studios or classrooms outside of their scheduled class times, Grads and Undergrads will need to schedule their visit through Bookings.

Main Office:

The main office has been transformed into a digital teaching hub for our instructors. Staff will rotate between working from home and from campus. The best way to contact staff this semester, will be through email. Instructions for contacting office staff on duty in Hopkins are posted on the door of Hopkins 256.

Department Manager

Kara Campbell 


M-F 8am – 5pm


Academic Program Coordinator

Sarah Wendel

M-F 8am – 5pm

Fiscal Clerk

Sheila Willman

Tues - Fri 8am – 5pm



Undergrad Advisor



Amy Needham

Amy Needham will continue working from home this semester. Her “office” hours are Tues.-Fri. from 8a-5p. students can schedule an appointment online via OnCourse (only if their major is Art) or call ASC Advising at 614-292-6961. Same day appointments are not currently available, so please be proactive and plan ahead.

Fab Lab Supervisor

Andrew Frueh



Woodshop Supervisor


Nate Gorgen  



Photo Supervisor


Bob Hite



Sherman Lab Supervisor


Andrew Newbold



Ceramics Tech and Building Coordinator


Paul Simon



General key safety protocols:

The Department has addressed the following key factors which will help mitigate risk when implemented in combination

1. Social distancing:

  • Floors, work surfaces, and signage will mark appropriate distancing and capacities.
  • Course scheduling has been constructed to lower congestion in hallways between classes.
  • Do not congregate with others in common areas.
  • Signage will indicate capacities in specialized studio labs.
  • Restrooms are single occupancy, and one wanting to enter should knock to be sure that it is free.

2. Ventilation:

  • Hopkins Hall ventilation system is recent and has been approved by FOD.
  • Windows should be opened where possible to allow for an exchange of fresh air.
  • Classrooms will be closed to undergraduate populations between 10PM-7AM M-F and weekends to allow for air circulation and cleaning.
  • Some classes will be held in the Hybrid Arts Lab tent.

3. Hand hygiene and cleaning:

  • Additional time will be allotted for hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers will be available in hallways and at entrances to buildings.
  • Many classrooms have sinks which will be stocked with soap.
  • Eating in kitchen areas or classrooms will not be allowed. Refrigerators and microwaves will be off limits.
  • FOD will be cleaning the buildings and classrooms once every night, except on weekends.
  • All students, staff and instructors must clean spaces upon entry and exit. Wipes will be made available by FOD in central hallways and/or individual classrooms.

4. Masks and PPE:

  • Masks are required in all spaces. *Masks are also required outside on campus.

University pledge and accountability guidelines will assist instructors in supporting, monitoring, and building our mask-wearing culture across all buildings. The accountability measures are spelled out on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.

  • PPE starter kits will be available to all staff, students and faculty.
  • Additional PPE will be provided or recommended for special studio/teaching needs including face shields and gloves.

5. Reduced time indoors:

  • Students should anticipate shorter class periods due to reduced classroom capacities and performing enhanced cleaning and distancing protocols.
  • Reduction of the time the buildings are open to allow for circulation of air and for cleaning.
  • Labs will also have reduced access. Bookings will be used to control time in the building, labs and classrooms outside of class-time.

Hopkins Hall, Sherman and Hayes Hall General Guidelines 

1. Before Arriving on Campus

  • All faculty, staff and students must take the mandatory online training before returning to campus BuckeyeLearn.
  • All students and employees will sign the “Buckeye Pledge” at the end of the training as “an acknowledgement of our shared responsibility and commitment to the behaviors described in the training.”
  • Review the accountability measures on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website. The expectation is that faculty, staff, and students will adhere to the safety rules and self-monitor. Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in restrictions in accordance with university accountability measures and Departmental guidelines.
  • No one shall report to campus if they are feeling unwell.
  • The goal of these guidelines is to protect the health and safety of all members of the building to the extent feasible. Some students may have underlying health issues that they may not wish to and are not required to disclose. Accommodations for students
  • Department community are encouraged to report unsafe conditions. If a member of our community identifies conditions that they believe to be unsafe, they should report these conditions to the Safety Coordinators: Department Chair (lisbon.1) and/or Department Manager (campbell.1644 ) or anonymously through
  • Health Reporting Process (see Log in to the health reporting tool via or the Ohio State app.
  • Social distancing is required at all times. Faculty, staff, and students must comply with physical distancing requirements at all times that they are in the building, including in classrooms, common spaces, and hallways.

2. Traffic Flow:

  • Entrance and exit to Hopkins at ramp doorway with swipe. Stay 6-foot distanced.
  • Other entrances to Hopkins are 17th Ave. WEST doorway AND doors from Oval.
  • Exits are 17th Ave. swipe doorway and single one-way exit door to Oval.
  • Traffic flow in the main stairwells of Hopkins will be marked.
  • Traffic flow for entry in Sherman is to be one way, with people entering through the east doorway with swipe access and exiting through the west doorway. Movement in Sherman will follow 6 foot distancing.
  • Hopkins elevator is for single occupancy use only and should be avoided in general and prioritized for those who need it most.
  • Hopkins ramp will be used for accessibility for those with need and deliveries are made to the mailroom on the second floor.

3. Communication:

  • Safety protocols will be communicated to all faculty, staff and students in frequent e-mail, through signage, and on our website.
  • Please stay up-to-date on university policies, closures, etc.
  • Please remain as responsive as possible to help the department function properly, for contact tracing, emergency changes, impending shutdowns, etc.
  • Cleaning expectations and protocol may be different for different classrooms. Follow instructions from lab signage, or instructors!
  • Complaints regarding concerns re. safety protocols can be made anonymously through or to the Safety Coordinators, Kara Campbell.1644 and/or Laura Lisbon.1.

4. Transportation

  • CABS will prioritize transporting individuals parking in the Buckeye Lot or West Campus Carmack Lots who are therefore unable to walk to class or work. Service around the academic core will not be offered during daytime hours but will resume after 7 p.m. via the East Residential and West Campus routes. We encourage students, faculty and staff to review CABS service routes and times and plan for longer wait times. Paratransit services will remain available. As a reminder, all CABS riders must wear a mask.

 5. Lockers

Lockers will be used on a very limited basis this semester. For classes where locker use has been approved, the instructor will assign beginning Aug. 31.

Specific spaces and protocols

1. Classrooms

  • Each classroom will be marked and limited according to estimated capacities
  • FOD will clean each classroom once in the night.
  • Classrooms to be used for studio space after class hours must be arranged through a Bookings calendar.
  • Individuals sinks in classrooms will be stocked with soap for additional handwashing stations.
  • Follow instructor’s cleaning protocol for their classrooms. It can include the following:
  • Students wipe down shared equipment: drawing boards, easels, computers (with special wipes used for computers), tools, etc.
  • Instructors and students wipe down still life materials between use
  • Students wipe down furniture, ex. stools and work surfaces upon entry and before leaving class
  • Instructors wipe down doorknobs, sink handles, light switches before and after class
  • Instructors develop pattern for entering, filling seats or stations, and exiting with 6-foot distancing (consider staggering start and finishing times for classes)
  • Furniture should not be moved in a classroom marked for distancing

2. Specialized Studio Labs

  • Specialized lab spaces will have shortened access hours
  • See individual guidance information on capacity, safety and cleaning protocols posted in each specialized lab.
  • Cleaning before and after using the lab will be the responsibility of the occupant. Masks must be worn and ventilation turned on.

3. Graduate Studios

  • All studios are single occupancy with additional capacity for one instructor for individual critiques, but no group critiques may take place in individual studios.
  • Occupant will clean own studio, and deposit garbage in central location.

4. Faculty Offices

  • All office/studios are single occupancy with additional capacity for one student for individual meetings.
  • Occupant will clean own office, and deposit garbage in central location.

5. Common spaces


  • Lobby closed and furniture removed by FOD.


  • Follow traffic flow pattern signage.
  • Hallways should be cleared of extra furniture and debris.
  • Do not congregate in the hallways.
  • Critiques will not occur in hallways.


  • Restrooms are single occupancy, and one wanting to enter should knock to be sure that it is free.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned once a day by FOD.

Water fountains:

  • Building occupants are encouraged to bring own water bottles and not to use the fountains.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources:

Mental Health and Wellness Resources on Safe and Healthy Buckeyes  

Office of Student Life Counseling and Consultation Services


You can always find the most up-to-date information about the university’s guidelines and requirements for returning to our campuses at  Safe and Healthy Buckeyes. Because this information changes frequently, you are encouraged to review it frequently.  

It is essential that you download the OSU app and use it to complete your mandatory daily health check before entering campus and any of our facilities. Information about that process can be found at

COVID-19 Resources