Resources for Faculty & Staff

These pages are designed to provide answers and guidance about administrative matters in the Department of Art. They will be updated when new policies and procedures are instituted by the university.

Kara Campbell, Department Manager
258 Hopkins Hall
(614) 292-1344

Contact the office about human resources policies, timesheets, leave, and hiring. 

Marthe Grohman, Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Building Coordinator

258 Hopkins Hall
(614) 292-3311

Marthe is the go-to person for questions about undergraduate studies.  Any concerns about the physical appearance and mechanics of Hopkins Hall should be directed to Marthe, who will contact Facilities Operations and Development to schedule repairs.

Amy Needham, Art Academic Advisor

254A Hopkins Hall
Appointment line for students: (614) 292-6961

Amy handles all aspects of undergraduate student advising in the Department of Art. She is part of the larger entity known as ASC Advising.

Sheila Willman, Fiscal Clerk
258 Hopkins Hall
(614) 292-8918
Sheila can help you with questions about fiscal policies, eRequests (purchasing), using the department's purchasing cards, and travel.