Exhibition Spaces


Hopkins Hall Gallery

Hopkins Hall Gallery functions as a dynamic learning space for faculty, students, and visiting artists where best practices for exhibition and curatorial development, experimentation, and innovation take place.

Hopkins Hall reaches beyond the College of Arts and Sciences, encouraging departmental and university-wide collaborations in support of the One University mission. Creating a culture of engagement among students and faculty, Hopkins Hall Gallery presents diverse exhibitions that help to define the campus community.

Urban Arts Space

Urban Arts Space encourages transformative experiences that expand worldviews, offer hands-on practical experiences in the arts and education, and help artists develop new career skills to reflect an entrepreneurial culture.

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Urban Arts Space joins the university with the state of Ohio and the world, functioning as an arts laboratory for Ohio State's faculty and community artists and serving as a professional launching pad for Ohio State students.

The Clean Space

The Clean Space at the Sherman Art Center offers exhibit space for students who study sculpture and glass.

Sherman Studio Art Center
1055 Carmack Road
614 292-0366

443 Hopkins Hall (Jan Dilenschneider Gallery)

This gallery in the painting and drawing area of Hopkins hall shows student work in painting and drawing.

443 Hopkins Hall
128 North Oval Mall
614 292-5072