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Living Art and Ecology Lab

The Living Art & Ecology Lab is an interdisciplinary hub at the intersection of art, ecology, and climate science. This studio laboratory supports diverse and expansive creative research related to environmental justice, human/non-human interactions, and sustainable futures, with an emphasis on restorative and equitable practices in the arts and life sciences. The work of the lab is to facilitate connections between people and the ecosystem we inhabit, while supporting the development and adoption of sustainable practices in the field of Art. 

Our educational mission as a department would be impossible without a sustainable and livable future. During their studies at OSU, Art students fulfill a learning objective in practicing environmental equity. By bringing disparate fields of research together to examine our ecological impact, we are discovering new and more equitable practices, taking into consideration the needs of generations to follow. 

The lab houses a unique collection of live plants, microorganisms, and scientific equipment for the purpose of artistic observation and creative research. Digital microscopes, sound equipment, and a host of other tools engage your senses to reveal hidden worlds. 


Location: 340 Hopkins Hall, 128 N. Oval Mall, Columbus Campus 

Hours: 9:00–4:00 Monday–Thursday during the semester 

Contact: Shawn Lopez, lopez.1011@osu.edu 

Website: https://u.osu.edu/livingartecolab/