"Un-becoming Carbon: Traveling in Intercellular Space" included in international exhibition

August 3, 2020

"Un-becoming Carbon: Traveling in Intercellular Space" included in international exhibition

image of installation

Un-becoming Carbon: Traveling in Intercellular Space, a collaborative, immersive media artwork created by the students and faculty in Amy Youngs' and Iris Meier's Art and Science course, is included in a Lisbon, Portugal exhibition Maker Art – Pandemia, curated by António Cerveira Pintoin. 

Online exhibition from July 29 thru September 16, 2020. 

The New Art Fest is in its fourth edition. This time, and against the psychosis caused by a virus, we decided to raise the stakes: everything online, and an international ‘open call’ in full worldwide closure. One hundred sixty-seven candidates responded. We chose fifty.

Pandemic was the inevitable leitmotiv at the moment when we decided to maintain the project despite the uncertainty. The relationship between art and catastrophes, or isolation, is not new. But the crossing of these two realities with the planet of biological and digital viruses, yes, is a unique, remarkable and lasting experience. Some artists responded directly to the leitmotiv challenge (pandemic), others preferred an indirect response, others not even that, proposing recent works but previous to the epidemic. The result is asymmetrical. The sudden immersion in the digital networks of billions of people, things and processes, is still one of the strongest inspirations of the responses given to the call launched by the festival. 

Team biography page, which credits all the artists and sponsors, including the Department of Art: https://thenewartfest.com/participante/amy-youngs-iris-meier-et-al/

The show also features Ken Rinaldo's Opera for Dying Insects