Ken Rinaldo in Russia February 18, 2017

February 13, 2017
state Hermitage museum

Professor Ken Rinaldo will be presenting two talks on his works at THE HERMITAGE MUSEUM OF ART as part of the Technologies in Art: Instrument and Media series. Ken will discuss The Challenges and Eruptions of Technological art

The role of technology in art is complex as art that uses science and technology, brings forth all the challenges of doing science as well as saying poetic things with material and processes that are physically and culturally complex. Some would argue science is employed as just a seductive material in art. Others believe art can play a significant role in how science and technology are received and understood by the public. In his talk internationally renowned bio/robotic artist Ken Rinaldo will discuss how tools and ideas can be poetic and confluent in an art / science practice as artists / scientists share core human elements of curiosity, play and connection-making. Art and science have become natural companions and simultaneously troubled bed partners and new unexpected births are emerging.