Art and technology students explore media filtering

December 12, 2016

Art and technology students explore media filtering

An image from "Oppression", the film played inside Jordan Reynolds' "Reflection". Courtesy of Jordan Reynolds

Read the article about exciting things Art & Technology students are doing with media filtering!

Excerpts from the article:

"Ken Rinaldo and Amy Youngs organize an exhibition for students taking courses in art and technology each semester. They came up with the name of this exhibition when Youngs was reading “The People’s Platform,” a book by Astra Taylor which discusses the filter bubble.
“The art and technology program is very much focused on how we use technology in pro-social ways,” Rinaldo said. “In ways that would amplify the experiences of those who generally don’t have a voice on campus. We felt that the filter bubble would be a really appropriate theme.”
More than 300 artists from classes in 3-D animation, 3-D modeling, internet art and new media and robotics have submitted their work for the exhibition, Rinaldo said.
The exhibition provides students an opportunity to think about issues and the potential for media communication to be biased towards a person’s own views, but ultimately it’s about keeping an open mind and being aware of the bubbles, Rinaldo said."