Autumn 2022 Course Offerings


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Autumn 2022 Courses


 ART 2100 Beginning Drawing 



Students will explore fundamental freehand drawing techniques with a range of drawing methods, media, and concepts; with emphasis on drawing from observation and expressive experimentation. Students will apply written, oral, and visual communication skills as they evaluate, interpret, and respond to significant works of art and their own expressive goals. 

student art work from beginning drawing

ART 2200 Real and Recorded Time


Students will engage in informed observations, explorations, and communication through time-based media methods and tools as a practical and theoretical foundation for creating original artworks in video, sound, installation, performance, and screen. 

books on shelves with reflections of people

ART 2300 2D Studies



Students will create aesthetic and interpretive studies exploring organizational elements and principles of 2D composition, visual perception, critical thinking, invention and material experimentation as they pertain to art practice. Students will advance written, oral and visual communication skills as they interpret and respond to significant works of art and their own expressive goals. 


examples of different 2D art

ART 2400 3D Art 


Basic concepts of three-dimensional art focusing on structure with the organization of space and form, using a variety of materials, processes, and tools. 

a sculpture


ART 2555 Intro to Digital Photography & Contemporary Issues 



WHERE:  HOPKINS 262  & Online

INSTRUCTOR: Gina Osterloh (

Introduction to Photography is an introductory photography class exploring photographic practice, aesthetics, history, and theory. This course will emphasize seeing, thinking, and creating with a critical and curious mind/eye to understand the construction and manipulation of photographic meaning and form. Students will explore how one's way of seeing is deeply tied to one's personal and cultural experience and learn about issues of representation via images.  This course utilizes digital cameras for image production. 


members of a boats crew are standing in front of a boat.


All sections of ART 2555 require students to have their own digital camera with full or partial manual functions. This class currently does not require digital postproduction, but the professor will introduce programs such as Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, and/or Photoshop for those that wish to use these programs. OSU has several free and open labs with the full Adobe Suite for all students to use.  If you cannot purchase, find or borrow a camera please let your instructor know.  No one will be turned away for financial reasons. 

Image credit: An My Le'


 ART 3002 Intro to Ceramics 


HOPKINS HALL 058 & 054

In essence, structure is a combination of simple elements or units brought together to create a more complex form or image. Within Ceramics, structure is ever-present and necessary to establish stability and provide a logical departure point for an evolving shape or pattern.  Assignments will demonstrate the how, where, when, and why structure is employed to achieve the necessary results of the medium. Exploring the ceramic relationship between external and internal structure, challenges and enables a student to understand form, surface, and intention of making

light green rods with flat ends intertwined with a silver sphere off center towards the top of the rods

ART 3004 Life Drawing Studio I

Two sections
M, W, F 2:05 - 3:55
T, R 3:55 - 6:40

Use a wide range of materials and processes to make drawings based on all aspects of life:  the human figure, plants, animals, landscapes, interior spaces, etc. You will practice, appreciate and interpret drawing in relation to various traditions and as a basis for individual development. The live model, both clothed and nude, will be one of the main focuses of this course. 

drawing of face


ART 3012 Intro to Ceramics

Form & Surface

M,W,F 10:05 a.m. - 11:55 a.m.

This course is focused on the exploration of color, texture, and technique through the relationship between ceramic surface and ceramic form.  Within that marriage of 2D design and 3D form, ceramics offers the opportunity to learn from material, process, and intention.  Utilizing both hand-forming and wheel techniques, this class introduces the technical processes of working with clay. Communication through surface will be explored through analysis and application of slip, glaze and oxide. 

ceramic piece with face

ART 3104 Expanded Drawing

day, time, and instructor to be determined


Expand your definition of drawing by exploring an array of contemporary, historical, and conceptual ideas!  In this class, you will make drawings using a variety of methods and materials, manipulate spatial and thematic pictorial relationships and further develop your ability to indemnify and pursue individualized research, processes, themes, and aspirations. 





ART 4002 Intermediate Ceramics


M, W, F 2:05 - 3:55

Prereq: 3002 (2502) or 3012 (2602)m  Not open to students with credit for 3502.

Today the ceramic medium is one of the more important building materials used to define modern architectural exteriors and interiors as a colorful skin and structure that protects as well as adorns. Through a variety of assignments and exercises, students will address formal and conceptual architectural themes and create both sculptural and functional forms. 


ceramic tiling

ART 4012 intermediate Ceramics

Utility & Performance

M, W, F 2:05 - 3:55
Instructor: TBA

Prereq: 3002 (2502) or 3012 (2602). Not open to students with credit for 3602. 

We understand our cultural history through the discovery of ceramic objects. As an advanced level studio course, the curriculum focuses on a tactile approach to the various ceramic modeling sand wheel throwing techniques to explore issues of form, content, surface and design as viewed through the filter of performative, ritual and utilitarian themes.

a ceramic pot, with wood handle on the left of the image, painted



ART 5001 VR Space & Animation

M, W 3:55 - 6:40
Instructor:  Visiting assistant professor Illya Mousavijad

This class is appropriate for intermediate and advanced undergrad and graduate fine arts and design students, as well students interested in the intersection of visual arts and technology. 

What if drawings and paintings walked?  How is it to draw, paint, and sculpt a world in motion?  How is it possible to create a space through gestures and marks?  This class explores the possibilities of the emerging VR modeling and drawing programs to create and expand immersive, expressive, and experiential spaces.  We will work with Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, and Quill to generate unique and personal models and keyed movements. Using substance painter enables us to explore expressive shading and painting possibilities.  In Maya, we will use our models to explore computer dynamics and create environmental animations that can be displayed and experiences with VR.  


digital image of person moving in a picture

ART 5004 Drawing Now (Special Topics)

The Language of Drawing:  Text and Image in Drawing Now

MWF 8:10 - 10:55 
Instructor: Professor Suzanne Silver

Open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students

This course explores the relationship of text and image in contemporary drawing and asks how one reads a work of art.  Some work will be word-based, some picture-based, and some a combination. Topics include narrative, asemic writing, comics, graphic novels, erasure poetry, and the language of drawing- its materials and forms on paper, off paper and into real space. 


Do I have to draw you a picture? framed picture of different fonts in different coors


ART 5007 Advanced Sculpture

Shape-shifting & Other Magic within Sculpture and its Expanded Field

T, R 11:10 - 1:15 p.m.
Sherman Studios, 1055 Carmack rd, west campus
Instructor:  Professor Alison Crocetta and Instructional Lab Supervisor Andrew Newbold

Art 5007 brings together graduate and undergraduate* students in the Department of Art who want to expand their ideas and art-making strategies within sculpture and its expanded field. 

In this class, students will pursue their own proposed objects while engaging in conversation and critique with a group of their peers from different areas within the Department of Art.  Students will be encouraged to combine the sculptural form with time-based media, performance art, socially engaged practice or other open-ended strategies.  Alison Crocetta will facilitate this process via individual meetings, group critiques and student presentation. A curated list of short readings, compiled by the instructor and students, will both support and complicate our understanding and assumptions about what constitutes the ever-changing field of sculpture in its many forms. 

Material and fabrication demonstrations will be given by Andrew Newbold on an as-needed basis.  Studnes may work with traditional sculpture materials and processes such as casting, metal and wood fabrication as well as found objects, assemblage, soft sculpture and other time-based modes of making. 

multi colored strip fabric spheres hanging from an interlocking pipe structure

*Permission to register, if you are an undergraduate student who is interested in taking this course, please contact Alison Crocetta at to be given permission to register.

ART 5115 Studio Lighting

M, W,  8:10 - 10:55 a.m.


Open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students

Introduction to photography lighting equipment, techniques, principles and concepts as applied to constructed/directed photography created predominantly in the photography studio environment. Limited digital printing. This course provides opportunities to expand a student's current knowledge of photography and learn technical skills with an emphasis on studio lighting for photography.  The goal is for students to become confident using the lighting equipment of their choice.  Via hands-on demonstrations and shooting assignments, students will learn practical solution for various shooting scenarios. 

man dressed in Elvis outfit standing in retro kitchen

ART 5995 Image Makers

M 6:55 - 9:40 p.m.
Instructor: Professor Gina Osterloh

For undergraduates:  applies to emphasis in photography, for BFA

NOTE:  we are still working with the registrar to update course pre-requisites leftover from the Quarter system.  Please email your advisor and to enroll in the course. 

This course is an interdisciplinary critique and seminar class. Throught the lens of selections from Sarita Exhaves See's book:  The Decolonized Eye, Filipino American Art and Performance the course will address the role of photography and western perspectival systems have been instrumental and influential in creating logics of race, gender and identity categories. Based on the conversations in the beginning two weeks of the semester, graduate and undergraduate students will contribute to artists of focus throughout the semester.  Primary focus on artists, artist strategies and photography's influence and inextricable relationship with ways of seeing, being and various art methodologies such as painting, ceramics, glass, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and performance art. 

Class format:  
6:55  7:45 p.m. Artist and reading discussion, lead by students with professor guidance
7:55 - 8:45 p.m. Critique
9:00 - 9:40 p.m. Critique


woman reclining while being sketched