Foundation Studies


Art majors begin by taking courses in Foundations Studies that are designed to introduce them to a variety of basic art concepts.

These courses include:

  • ART 2000 Encountering Contemporary Art is a lecture course that introduces students to some of the major ideas and forms shaping contemporary art practice. Classroom lectures and presentations, films, and field trips offer a broad intellectual foundation that work to inform a student's intuitive responses to art being made today. It also examines the variety of visual arts disciplines and resources available within the Department of Art at The Ohio State University. 
  • ART 2100 Beginning Drawing is an introduction to basic freehand drawing  and emphasized drawing from observation. Students are introduced to a wide range of drawing methods, media, and concepts, while developing perceptual skills and an ability to use drawing as a tool for thinking, expression, invention, and communication.
  • ART 2200 Real and Recorded Time provides an introduction to basic concepts of time-based artwork using a variety of processes and media. Students explore concepts of sequence, performance, interactivity, process, and documentation through video, audio, and other time-based projects.
  • ART 2300 Two Dimensional Studies investigates basic concepts of two-dimensional art and design via problem-solving projects dealing with visual structure: the organization of the fundamental visual elements on a flat surface. This course gives the beginning student an understanding of visual communication and literacy, process, function, form and the relationship of art to the world at large.
  • ART 2400 Three Dimensional Art investigates basic concepts of three-dimensional art and design via problem-solving projects dealing with the organization of space and form using a variety of materials, processes, and tools. The student learns to manipulate material, structure, function, and context to create meaning.