ASC Advisors


Art Advisor

Amy Needham is the assigned undergraduate Department of Art Advisor.  Your advisor helps you navigate from orientation to graduation.

Amy can:

  • Help with course selection
  • Identify special academic and career opportunities
  • Assist with meeting graduation requirements
  • Provide explanation of university policies and procedures
  • Offer information on accessing campus support services

Please make a scheduled appointment to see her by calling (614) 292-6961.

Walk-In Hours for spring 2020 are Thursdays from 1:30 - 4:00pm. 

How do I determine if I should schedule an appointment or visit during same day appointment hours?

Scheduled Appointments (30 mins): Progress check, course projection, graduation application, curriculum petition, registration petition, major change, transfer credit review

Same day Appointments (15 mins): Quick schedule adjustments, simple questions, art minor, withdraw from classes, class drop

Faculty Advisor

  • Assigned to Art majors, after student has been been accepted into their emphasis area
  • Available to offer mentorship as students:
    • make decisions about their area of emphasis
    • opportunities for interdisciplinary work
    • decide upon experiences that will best prepare them for success with the program and as they enter their professional careers.

This mentorship extends beyond the classroom and encourages students and faculty to engage in fostering a broader creative environment.

For specific questions about the Department of Art programs, or portfolio reviews, please contact the Art Department.