Margaret Schmiegelow

Graduate Administrative Associate
Graduate Students

Born and bred on Mid-Western sensibilities, Maggie Schmiegelow is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at The Ohio State University. She earned her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri in 2018. Maggie has exhibited her work regionally in the Lalaland Gallery in Fayetteville, AR., Roy G. Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH., Kansas City Artists’ Coalition Undergraduate College Student Exhibition, Kansas City, MO. and in the Nebraska National Undergraduate Exhibition, Lincoln, NE.

As an artist, I create as a means of exposing various internal landscapes and learning to navigate within them. I unveil personal micro-tragedies by casting comparisons between the reality of situations and the way I imagine them to be. Making these comparisons ignites a struggle of identity, as I often find myself to be an anomaly of sorts; both precise and playful, organized and experimental, faithful and deviant. Through my studio practice I investigate this contradictory and paradoxical nature of self, using serigraphy, repurposed materials, digital media, and body. Drawing on personal experiences, I form narratives that are intensely individual yet universally understood. These narratives focus on positive intentions resulting in negative outcomes including self-imposed ultimatums and a compulsive distortion of reality. I work to interpret these arbitrary distortions in my life, by breaking them down and separating out truth from imagination. This presentation of perceived polarities begins to question the impact of imposed ideals.