Zoey November

Headshot photo of staff member Zoey November

Zoey November

Living Art Eco Lab Coordinator


Hopkins Hall, Room 340

Zoey November is the Lab Coordinator for the Living Art Eco Lab in the Department of Art, located in 340 Hopkins Hall. Zoey holds a B.A. in Dance and a B.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont. She has worked as a dancer, horticulturalist, laboratory research technician, field researcher in ecology and forestry, and as an instructor for biology, ornithology, ecology, and evolution. Some of her past research included work in the fields of dance and environmental activism, psychology and ecology, and multi-media performance and education.

The Living Art Eco Lab is a creative place to engage with the beauty and intelligence of non-human life. Sensory exhibits, technological interfaces, collaborative workshops, and visiting scholars will bring attention to - and nurture respect for - the living things we rely upon. Together we will explore the relationships between art, science, nature, culture, and health. 

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