Jonathan Capps, Dept of Art MFA 2016, Recipient of Fulbright Award

June 8, 2018
Jonathan Capps - Fulbright recipient

Articulating Finnish Glass Culture through the “Integrated Cross-Cultural Series

Jonathan will spend the 2018-2019 academic year in Nuutajärvi, Finland closely assisting the Nuutajärvi Glass Village Cultural Foundation (NGVCF) in its mission of preservation and scholarship of traditional Finnish glass art, culture, and design, while introducing his own "American/Italian" style of glass making to the community. Through this exchange, he hopes to gain personal insight into the stories and experiences of local and regional glass artists in order to complete hands-on studio research exploring the evolution od Finnish glass as a fine art material. The synthesis of his Fulbright Grant will be producing "The Integrated Cross-Cultural Series" - a collaborative body of work created with local artists and designers that is inspired by Finland’s rapidly changing glass narrative, and the NGVCF’s impact on its community.

"This Fulbright will serve as an opportunity to celebrate our two cultures by providing fellowship through art making and glass. My hope is that the experience is merely the beginning of a lifelong exchange between myself and the Finnish glass art community."