Jessie Horning - MFA Candidate - Printmaking

Jessie Horning, Photo by Julie Rae Powers

Jessie Horning is a third year MFA candidate in the Printmaking area. Originally from Bethleham, Pennsylvania (home of Bethlehem Steel, Lehigh University and Peeps-the Easter candy).

What inspired you to pursue your MFA?

I want to be a professor! Ideally I would make my work all day but I don’t think that is very lucrative.

Artists who inspire your work

Off the top of my head, but not limited to:

Manet                                                       Julie Mehretu

Van Gogh                                                 Doris Salcedo

Charles Burchfield                                   All of the chefs on Chef's Table on Netflix

Joan Miro                                                 Martha Stewart

Currier and Ives prints                            Michael Pollan

Sarah Sze                                                RuPaul

Mark Dion                                                Katya Zamolodchikova

Olafur Eliasson                                        Alyssa Edwards

Jim Dine                                                  Iris Apfel

Terry Winters                                           Bill Cunningham


What are you working on now?

- Using drawing, Photoshop, xerox copies, photography and the mechanisms of the printing press to create, capture and proliferate self-generating systems for making marks

- Black and white, negative and positive space

- Distributing and accumulating marks

- The printmaking plate as a space/surface to distribute, accumulate and collect markmaking

- The print as raw material, record and residue

- The gallery space as working/studio space


What part of the day is your most creative time?

In the morning, right after I had a cup of coffee and feel energized from my twenty minute walk to campus. I get a lot of ideas when I’m walking; its a very crucial part of my practice. Sometimes I’m productive at night when Hopkins Hall is quiet. But usually I’m tired by then :-)


What are you goals after your graduate?

Short term

- Adjunct teaching???

- More cooking and baking at home, less Bibibop and Chipotle

- Travel as much as possible! Residencies??

Long Term

- Make my house resemble a greenhouse by growing houseplants inside and and vegetables outside

- Work in gardens and/or organic farms

- Help people acquire access to information about nutrition and cooking

- At some point acquire a car and/or a cat.


Pie or cake?

CAKE . . . chocolate. . .


Website where your work can be found


Anything else you want to add?

Go Bucks!