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ART 5890 Special Topics:  The Ambience of the Art Object


Open to advanced undergraduate & graduate students

M,W,F  12 p.m. - 3 p.m. 


Visiting Assistant Professor: Christopher Stackhouse

An art object invariable obtains its convincing power from the complex of settings in which it is situated. Beyond spatial and material conditions, there are social, historical, cultural, educational, and economic factors that inform its reception.  Audiences of contemporary art receive a broad range of practices, which expand notions of aesthetic experience.  Technological advances and social inclusivity rather enliven critical possibilities for observers and creative participants alike. We can at once place the object, event, or idea that functions as art into the environment of our imaginations while considering the objective influences that inspire and inform the creation of such works.  We will focus on small but diverse selection of art objects to better understand how their specialness continues to evolve over time.  The course will comprise of lectures, seminar discussions, readings, writing assignments, and group study, with a modicum of studio activity. 

football helmet with hair