Do you know how to manage color calibration from camera, computer monitor, Photoshop, to various fine art printing papers? Interested in hybrid digital/analog workflows, film and digital? Techniques include individual RGB channels within levels and curves, masks, scanning with Imacon Hasselblad and Epson scanners, converting digital color to black and white with maximum tonal range. Short experimental projects and technical tutorials will support a student’s self-directed photo project for most of the semester.  The course will also consider exhibition strategies for photography. Experiment with the inherent nature of photography– collapsing 3D to 2D, flatness, fixed focal point, conceptual and physical filters, framing, cropping, seriality– truth and fiction, illusion and the Real, the punctum, surface, representation, repetition, and the copy. Artists and readings will expand upon the professor’s areas of research which include imaging/imagining self and other, issues of race and gender, constructed environments & performances for the camera, as well as the interconnected relationships between photography, sculpture, and moving image. Students from all areas of emphasis are welcome! While the course emphasizes photography technical skills and concepts, this is an interdisciplinary course.

NOTE: The Pre-reqs listed are not correct in BuckeyeLink. Students only need Photo I, Art 3555 (2555) or instructor permission. 

If you encounter an error while enrolling due to outdated pre-reqs listed for this class in BuckeyeLink, contact the appropriate staff member:

  • Grad students: contact Sarah Wendel (.13)
  • Undergraduate Art students who have completed Photo I, Art 3555 (2555): contact Amy Needham (.79)
  • Undergraduate students who have not completed Photo I, Art 3555 (2555): contact Prof. Gina Osterloh (.2)

TuTh 8:10AM - 10:55AM

Hopkins Hall 354

Instructor: Gina Osterloh 

Graduate section [35503]

Undergraduate section [35502]