Art 5004 Drawing Now


Students expand approaches and definitions of drawing in relation to the chosen topic for the semester. Students explore drawing through individualized projects and in groups to cultivate/develop/refine ideas, research, experimentation, critical thinking and installation methods. Students explore/interpret contemporary issues in drawing, and develop a body of drawings as well as a drawing practice.
Prereq: 4004 or 4014. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 cr hrs.

SP22 Topic: Drawing Now: Representational Drawing

This class will support both ongoing student work and new approaches to representational drawing. This course will address a wide range of topics including: drawing from life; drawing from imagination; drawing on the tablet and other digital practices; drawing on paper; traditional and non-traditional media, working drawings; drawing as independent works.

MoWe 8:10AM - 10:55AM

Hayes Hall 330

Instructor: George Rush

Graduate section [36003]

Undergraduate section [36002]