Art 5254 Painting Now


Students expand approaches and definitions of painting in relation to the chosen topic for the semester. Topics range from studies in abstraction, figuration, conceptual approaches, materials and techniques, landscape/light/space, installation, etc. Independently and in groups, students challenge themselves to make paintings through rigorous experimentation, research and critical reflection.
Prereq: 3054. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs.

AU21: The Study and Making of Collage

Although collage art is most often appreciated as a development of early 20th century European Modernism, the use of collage in visual art and literature is centuries old. Chinese and Japanese cultures applied the technique in residential décor, and, in writing, printing in the reproduction of poetry and nascent forms of written narrative fiction in the 12th century. As a contemporary genre, an advanced range of collage applications can be found in most artistic fields. It is used in the study of formal elements in painting, sculpture, architecture, and fashion design. It finds corollaries in sound art, music and film. Though our attention will be given more to traditional two-dimensional art works that negotiate figuration, abstraction and sign making, we will give in depth consideration to concepts and intentions that have informed diverse practices that incorporate or depend on collage.

TuTh 11:10AM - 1:55PM

Hopkins Hall 452/458

Instructor: Christopher Stackhouse

Graduate section [10896]

Undergraduate section [10897]