Art 5890 Special Topics in Art: Studio Notes for Now


Studio Notes for Now is the focus of this multi-disciplinary studio/seminar – visual, literary, performance – on both the concept, form, and practice of the “note.” From the studio note or sketch to the working or research note, to the endnote or footnote as well as the memo, model, prototype, and fragment, notes fall before or after the “work,” often marking the complexity of the now or moment of their attention and making. Yet how does their status as non-art or preliminary raise questions about the finished, the work of art, and value? We will use the four-week intensive course to revisit and reinvigorate our note or sketch processes as we investigate those of others. Digital as well as analogue note-making practices are welcome! Visits to archives, virtually or in person, as well as engaged note-making exercises relative to individual practices will enrich the course. What forms and roles do our studio notes play across our various practices? Readings will include Kathleen Stewart, Ordinary Affects, Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millenium, Claudia Rankine, Citizen, Briony Fer, Eva Hesse: Studioworks, and Darby English, To Describe a Life: Notes from the Intersections of Art and Race Terror, as well as numerous artists’ note-making practices.

For permission, please contact: Professor Laura Lisbon, Department of Art, lisbon.1@osu.

4 Week Session 1 (5/12/21 - 6/7/21)

MoWeFr 12:00PM - 3:00PM

Hybrid delivery

Hopkins Hall 250

Class #: Undergraduate: 22516/ Graduate: 22517

Instructor: Prof. Laura Lisbon