Human Resources


EProfile allows you to review your pay stub, make changes to your direct deposit, initiate changes to your personal information, submit leave, and review or change your tax information. Contact customer service at if any of your employee information or marital status data is incorrect.


The university is on a paperless pay system. Use eProfile to sign up for direct deposit or to make changes to your information,

Paid/Unpaid Leave

Per the OSU Paid Leave Programs Policy, employees accrue leave while in an active pay status for their primary university appointment.

Staff must submit an absence request in Workday for time off. Vacation time must be approved by your supervisor prior to the leave. Sick leave may be entered upon your return to work. Taking time off for a medical appointment during the work day requires a sick leave submission. You may also take sick leave to care for family member or a death in the family. You may view your leave balance on your pay stub or in Workday. 

Faculty earn sick leave and must submit a leave of absence request for any absences taken during business hours while on duty. If the illness/ medical appointment occurs in the break between semesters, no leave request is required of faculty. Faculty are charged for sick leave only for days upon which they are scheduled to teach or attend a business meeting. If you must miss a class due to illness, contact your students by email to let them know who will take over the class for you or if the class is canceled. Report your absence to the Department Manager in the main office (614-292-1344).

Create a Leave request

Edit a Leave request

Faculty should complete the business leave form for business/research trips taken while on duty and for which no T number (the T number represents an approved travel request) has been issued by the department. Use the Additional Information section to indicate who will be instructing your classes in your absence. Enter the name of the person responsible in your absence (if necessary) and include a telephone number and email address where you may be reached.