Printmaking at Ohio State is an integrated community of students, faculty, alumni and guest artists working within a critical environment of instruction, workshop, and dialogue. Our collective focus remains committed, open and progressive investigations on conceptual, social, historical, aesthetic and contextual issues without limitations or compromises. We are committed to a broad, evolving and engaged definition of printmaking and print media within contemporary art practice. Working within, and between, traditional and new media, and the rich range of hybrid approaches, members of this community are invested in the stimulation, development and advancement of ideas and the opportunity to share and promote new knowledge and discovery. Everyone is challenged; everyone benefits.
Beyond the structured course offerings, the print studio is a site for professional and community development. The Student Printmakers’ Association (SPA) is a vital partner in meeting these goals. The SPA organizes a diverse Visiting Artists Series bringing artists to the studio to produce new works, present their ideas in public forums and to mentor students through critics, mentorship and networking. Each year SPA sponsors travel to professional conferences and workshops for it’s student members. SPA also promotes a mission of community service and professional interaction through student-operated, monotype workshops that are open to the community within and outside the university.
Joe Lupo Workshop

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