Painting & Drawing

The area of Painting and Drawing at The Ohio State University supports the investigation of many approaches, histories, and forms of painting and drawing. A diverse faculty brings a broad array of voices to individual study. Painting and drawing are viewed as independent but overlapping disciplines, and the area provides a wide range of courses designed for students of all levels, backgrounds, and interests. The area has a sustained history and continuing priority of integrating visiting artists, critics, and curators, as well as scholars, into the very core of its instruction.

For example, over the past five years alone, the area has hosted: Mary Lum, Chris Martin, Bonnie Collura, Blake Rayne, Jeffry Mitchell, Mara Scrupe, Tom Burkhardt, Ahmed Alsoudani, Gianna Commito, Richard Aldrich, Jared Sprecher, Hilary Harnischfeger, Amy Yoes, Derek Boshier, Stefan Lenke, Jane South, Allan Wexler, Rashawn Griffin, Michael Stickrod, Elizaveta Meksin, Kataoun Vaziri, Norm Paris, Nikhil Chopra, Stephen Melville and Brian Rotman. Wexner Center artists and curators who have had interactions with our students over the past five years include: Mark Bradford, Mary Heilman, Kerry James Marshall, Ernst Caramelle, and Christorpher Bedford. These artists and scholars are invited through collaborative efforts with the Wexner Center, the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus College of Art and Design, and many other arts organizations to invigorate and challenge the intensive studio work of the graduate community in Painting and Drawing.

Facilities include individual 300-square foot studios for each of the area’s nine graduate students. Undergraduate courses are taught in large skylit studios, and advanced students are provided with individual work areas within large shared spaces. Shared experimental spaces include the Project Plane/Plane Project exhibition space as well as a designated Special Projects space for individual or collaborative projects. A 500-square foot gallery space offers an opportunity for exhibition and critical reflection.

Dynamic and critical dialogue is established in graduate bi-weekly area critiques and seminars, as well as individual meetings with the faculty, visiting artists, and scholars. The Painting and Drawing area operates in full view of the offerings from the university and community at large. It welcomes the expertise of others and challenges students to craft a practice that will sustain them across multiple and various contexts.