Course Numbersort descending Title Au Sp Su
2000 Encountering Contemporary Art Au Sp  
2100 Visual Studies: Beginning Drawing Au Sp Su
2200 Visual Studies: Expanded Media Au Sp  
2300 Visual Studies: Two Dimensional Au Sp  
2400 Visual Studies: Three-Dimensional Au Sp  
2500 Visual Studies: Digital Image Manipulation Au Sp Su
2502 Intro to Ceramics - High Fire Techniques Au Sp Su
2503 Glass Basics (Blowing and Construction) Au Sp  
2504 Life Studio Drawing I Au Sp  
2507 Introduction to Sculpture Au Sp  
2514 Visual Studies: Color Au Sp  
2516 Introduction to Relief and Intaglio Printmaking Au Sp Su
2524 Painting I Au Sp Su
2526 Introduction to Lithography and Silkscreen Printmaking Au Sp  
2553 Glass Basics (Blowing and Kilnworking) Au Sp  
2555 Photography I - Digital Camera Au Sp Su
2601 Podcasting Au Sp  
2602 Intro to Ceramics - Low Fire Techniques Au Sp Su
2990 BFA Portfolio Review Au Sp  
3001 Internet Art Au Sp  
3005 Photography II Au Sp  
3007 Sculpture: Wood Construction   Sp  
3016 Printmaking - Relief Au Sp  
3026 Printmaking - Serigraphy Au Sp  
3036 Printmaking - Intaglio Au Sp  
3046 Printmaking - Lithography Au Sp  
3054 Painting II Au Sp  
3101 3D Modeling Sculpture Au Sp  
3104 Intermediate Drawing Au Sp  
3107 Life Sculpture   Sp  
3201 Holography I Au Sp  
3207 Sculpture: Metal Fabrication Au    
3502 Intermediate Ceramics - High Fire Techniques Au Sp  
3503 Intermediate Glass Methods Au Sp  
3602 Intermediate Ceramics - Low Fire Techniques Au Sp  
4004 Special Topics: Drawing Au Sp  
4007 Intermediate Sculpture I Au Sp  
4101 Moving Image Art Au Sp  
4104 Life Drawing Studio II Au Sp  
4106 Studio Practice - Printmaking Au Sp  
4107 Intermediate Sculpture II Au Sp  
4191.50 Undergraduate Internship Photography Au Sp  
4201 New Media Art Au Sp  
4254 Multi-Level Painting Au Sp  
4301 Holography II   Sp  
4401 Computer Animation Au Sp  
4503 Intermediate Glass Topics Au Sp  
4901 Studio Practice: Art and Technology Au Sp  
4902 Advanced Studio Ceramics I Au Sp  
4903 Studio Practice I: Glass Au Sp  
4913 Studio Practice II - Glass Au Sp  
4950 Senior Seminar in Studio Art Au Sp  
4998 UG Scholarship Research / Creative Activity Au Sp  
5001 Aspects of Art and Technology I Au Sp  
5004 Advanced Drawing Au Sp  
5006 Alternative Printmaking Au Sp  
5007 Advanced Sculpture I Au Sp  
5101 Aspects of Art and Technology II Au Sp  
5102 Kiln Building     Su
5105 Color Photography Au    
5107 Advanced Sculpture II Au Sp  
5108 Professional Practice - Career Preparation in Art Au Sp  
5115 Photography Studio Lighting Au    
5126 Advanced Printmaking - Relief and Intaglio Au Sp  
5154 Advanced Painting Au Sp  
5175 History of Photography Au    
5201 Aspects of Art and Technology III Au Sp  
5202 Mold Making Au    
5205 Large Format Photography   Sp  
5215 Social / Documentary Photography Au    
5254 Special Topics - Painting Au Sp  
5275 Photography Theory   Sp  
5302 Material Science for Artists Au    
5335 Digital Imaging: Input/Output   Sp  
5338 Digital Input/Output for Photographers   Sp  
5345 Alternative Camera Systems Au    
5346 Advanced Printmaking - Lithography and Screenprinting Au Sp  
5402 Ceramic Art History   Sp  
5445 Alternative Processes in Photography Au    
5454 Special Problems in Abstraction Au Sp  
5501 Video Art I Au Sp Su
5502 Special Projects - Ceramics Au Sp  
5551 Video Art II Au Sp Su
5558 Book Arts   Sp  
5754 Special Problems in Painting: Conceptual Approaches Au Sp  
5890 Special Topics in Art      
5895 Special Topics      
5903 Advanced Glass Studio Practice Au Sp  
5904 Studio Practice - Drawing Au Sp  
5913 Advanced Studio Practice - Glass Au Sp  
5954 Studio Practice - Painting Au Sp  
5995 Imagemakers Seminar Au    
6018 Interdisciplinary Seminar - Practices in Contemporary Art Au    
6108 Graduate Teaching Seminar   Sp  
7108 Seminar in Studio Art Au Sp  
7208 Research and Writing for Artists   Sp  
8301 Advanced Video Art I Au Sp Su
8351 Advanced Video Art II Au Sp Su