The Ceramics area at The Ohio State University is one of the oldest, most complete, and diverse programs in the country. Its history includes many artists important to 20th century ceramics. The staff consists of two faculty members, a full-time shop supervisor, and visiting artists and lecturers who teach and interact with students throughout the year.

Each student is encouraged through a supportive environment to develop a particular aesthetic that relies on persistent curiosity and hard work. Students in the area are exposed to a wide range of traditional and contemporary concepts and techniques, and are encouraged to take independent study hours with visiting artists and faculty from all areas of the Department of Art. Scheduled group critiques with graduate students and faculty are productive vehicles for understanding each other's work and for discussing tangents and issues relevant to all aspects of art making.

Gas and Electric kilns with computer controllers, hard brick soda kiln and raku courtyard.; completely equipped plaster and model making shop; facilities for pressing, jiggering casting and extruding; print room with full color decal printer, thermofax, vinyl cutter and 4 color silkscreen table: complete glaze lab and clay preparation room. There is access to state of the art Macintosh labs utilizing 3D modeling software in the Art & Technology Fergus Gilmore Computer Studio. The Ceramics area is an environment where students are free to pursue their work in whatever direction, style, or media their path takes them.
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