About Us

The Department of Art at The Ohio State University offers an exceptional, nationally ranked MFA program and quality undergraduate programs that are recognized nationally and internationally. The department is a community of highly qualified professional fine artists, dedicated faculty, skilled staff, and engaged students, all of who are fully committed to learning, research, and service.
Our faculty are accomplished professionals who make significant contributions to the cultural life of the university, city, state, nation, and world through research that results in creative activities, exhibitions, public lectures, and other professional activities.
We are committed to providing members of our community an intellectually stimulating environment, access to good studio spaces, and connections to vast resources available on our campus. As a community, we celebrate the production, examination, and evaluation of the visual arts as a people-centered enterprise, we preserve the core values of intellectual freedom and creative examination, and take pride in the diversity of viewpoints and expertise that are essential elements of a rich environment for creative inquiry.